Noble Park Supa Wash Coin Laundrette

Noble Park Supa Wash Coin Laundrette

258 Railway parade

Noble Park

0418 566 027

8 top load washing machines

3 x 7.5 kg front loaders

1 x 10 kg (22 lb) front loader

1 x16 kg (35lb) front loader

3 x 27 kg (60lb) front loader

6 x 30lb Dryers

8 x 40 lb Dryers

1 x 50 lb Dryer

1 x 75lb Dryer

Soap machine on premises 

Change Machine available

A self-service laundry is a facility where clothes are washed and dried. They are known in the UK as launderettes or laundrettes – and in the USA as Laundromats (from the generalized trademark of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation).

Our express washers have a high-powered spin cycle that takes more water out of the clothes, resulting in a quicker and cheaper drying process. You won’t find these washers at your average Laundromat, but our store is built around them! They are simple to use, with a digital display of the time left, and they’re also quiet, making for a more comfortable environment.
Why spend all day doing the laundry at home? Use as many of our washing machines and dryers all at the same time spend less time doing the wash. Use your precious time for yourself.
A modern, spotlessly clean Laundromat where you can do your laundry yourself
These big machines mean less cost for you per load (and, much as you’ll love us) less time you’ll have to spend in the Laundromat.

No matter what term you are familiar with, Laundrette, Laundromat, Coin Laundry, Coin Operated Laundry, Coin Op Laundry, if you would like to do it yourself, you will find none better, and you have access to 5 different sizes of washing machines and 3 different sizes of dryers every day of the year.
The machines take $1 and $2 coins and we also have change available.
We have a variety of washing machines and dryers which are well maintained and can clean anything from a few items of clothing to king size doona.
By using more than one machine even the largest load of clothing can be washed and dried in an hour!